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Edition 2 / 24. August 2017

Klaus Peter ­Vollmann is head of fashion at “look!”, ­Vienna’s women’s magazine. He is responsible for fashion stories, several fashion productions, and photo shoots. In 2014, he was awarded “Fashion Editor of the Year”.

Marion Hauser is a lifestyle expert, who, since 1989, has been working for the local radio (ORF radio Vienna), television (ATV “Hi Society”), the daily newspaper “Kurier” (head of department society) as well as various magazines dealing with the most beautiful sides of life. Her main focus lies with people, who have something interesting to tell.

Ursula Scheidl has more than 30 years of experience regarding communications at home and abroad. She is the chief editor of “Wienissimo”, the magazine of good taste, managing editor of “wienlive”, and editor of the “Wiener Bezirksblatt”, specialist for chronicles, with affinity for culture and pleasure, always looking for something new, she likes to travel and is in love with Vienna.

Andrea Buday, born in Steyr, started studying law in Linz, then worked as an au-pair in Paris and moved to Vienna to study theater and journalism, where she ended up staying. For her love of the city, the people and the culture. For 20 years now, the ­former travelwriter and author has been reporting on a wide range of topics. Since 2007, she has been chief celebrity editor at the echo medienhaus.

Manfred Klimek, born 1962, works as a photo­grapher and ­author and lives in Berlin and Vienna. He has worked with publications including “brand eins”, “Die Zeit”, “GQ” and is the wine critic for “Welt am Sonntag”.

Ines B. Kasparek has been specializing in watch & jewelry journalism since 1997 and became chief ­editor of the trade magazine “UhrenSchmuck­Handel” following her studies of dramatics and media, when she was just 25.

Helmut Schneider is the producer and chief editor of “wienlive” and organizes literature events such as “Kriminacht”, “Rund um die Burg” and “Eine Stadt. Ein Buch.”.



Photos : Stefan Joham, Herbert Lehmann,, Bubu Dujmic