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Very Vienna – Premium Congress Magazine for Vienna



Christian Lerner

Media Owner:

VWZ Zeitschriftenverlag Ges.m.b.H., FN 73819h, HG Wien

Managing Directors: Mag. Thomas Strachota, Christian Pöttler

Editors-in-Chief: Mag. Klaus Peter Vollmann, Marion Hauser

Editors-in-Charge for Selected Stories: Dr. Ursula Scheidl, Dr. Helmut Schneider,
Ines B. Kasparek, Herbert Lehmann, Mag. Andrea Buday, Manfred Klimek, Jörg Bertram

Art Direction, Design: Eva Schreiber-Urthaler

Graphic & Prepress Control: Verena Ohnewas, BSc. (Ltg. / HOD), Ines Werner

Photo Editorial: Mag. Claudia Knöpfler (Ltg. / HOD), Tini Leitgeb

Copyediting: Mag. Angela Fux, Julia Gartner, MA, Susanne Hartmann,
Dr. Roswitha Horak (Ltg. / HOD), Roswitha Singer-Valentin

Translations: Constantin Lerner

Advertising Administration: Angela Dobritzhofer (Dw. / ext. 436)

Cover Photo: Getty Images

Print: BAUER MEDIEN, Produktions- & Handels-GmbH, 1030 Wien / Vienna

This magazine is made with great care by hand. Editor, publisher, authors, graphic designer and all
subcontractors involved work to their best knowledge and belief. All details and contents are without
guarantee. There can be no liability for any mistakes or unsolicited manuscripts. The magazine and all
contained stories, designs, plans, images and ideas are protected by copyright. Using any of these, including in

a reprint, even if only partially, is liable to prosecution if done without written consent of the publisher.

Produced and published in Vienna.