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Swimming in Vienna

Edition 2 / 23. August 2017

Splish Splash. In Vienna, the swimming season lasts from May to September. We present the nicest outdoor pools, from the Krapfenwaldlbad to the Gänsehäufel.

Since the beginning of May, the Viennese baths have opened their gates and pools again. Lolling about in the cool water during a hot summer’s day has a long tradition in the capital city. About 2,000 years ago people close to an old Celtic settlement would bathe in heated stone basin pools and stone bathtubs. Evidence traces medieval bathing houses all the way back to the 13th century. In the 19th century bath houses on the Danube – with its regulations going into effect in 1870 – were built. At the beginning of the 20th century a special bathing culture began to develop around the Alte Donau – first at the Gänsehäufel, a little island which can be easily accessed from the metro line U1 via a bridge.
In Vienna, there are currently 16 possibilities to get open air cooling. The offerings are diverse. Whoever wants to enjoy a wonderful view over Vienna should definitely go to the Krapfenwaldlbad (directly with the bus line 38A). It is said to be one of the ­trendiest baths with the loveliest bathing beauties and is surrounded by a pinewood forest which provides delightful shade in the summer. Another public bath with a great view is the Schafbergbad. There are three smaller pools over a big sports pool. Special attractions: a diving platform and a water slide. There is also a bus – line 42A – which takes the guests directly to this bath. One more highlight is the Schön­brunner Bad (U4, station Schönbrunn). The motto: see and be seen, so work on your six-pack!
Whoever doesn’t feel like leaving the city can take a dip in the Badeschiff on the Donaukanal – close to U4 station Schwedenplatz.


  • Krapfenwaldlbad The bath in the 19th district attracts with a wonderful view over Vienna and beach volleyball courts. Day ticket € 5.50.
    Tel.: + 43 (0)1 320 15 01,
    Krapfenwaldgasse 65–73, 1190 Wien,
  • Schafbergbad Also a wonderful view over Vienna. Three smaller pools surround one big sports pool with diving platform and water slide.
    Tel.: + 43 (0)1 479 15 93,
    Josef-Redl-Gasse 2, 1180 Wien,
  • Schönbrunner Bad Imperial flair next to the historical garden. Even Emperor Franz Joseph swam here. A sports pool, a children’s pool and a family pool, all of them state-of-the-art. A bit more expensive than the public baths of the City of Vienna. Day ticket € 13.
    Tel.: + 43 (0)1 817 53 53,
    Schlosspark Schönbrunn, 1130 Wien, schö
  • Gänsehäufel Since over 100 years the Viennese have enjoyed themselves on the bathing island in the Alte Donau.
    Tel.: + 43 (0)1 269 90 16,
    Moissigasse 21, 1220 Wien,
  • Strandbad Alte Donau Natural water and various pools. Badminton court, fitness tracks, shop with bathing accessories.
    Tel.: + 43 (0)1 263 65 38,
    Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 91, 1220 Wien,
  • Badeschiff The Badeschiff is anchored in close proximity to the Schwedenplatz and offers a small pool to cool off in as well as a lounge and a restaurant
    Tel.: +43 (0)660 312 47 03,
    Donaukanal, 1010 Wien,