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Jewel in the heart of Vienna

Edition 2 / 23. August 2017

Anton Heldwein moves between ­tradition and ­modernity with a true sense of style and expertly connects the ­identity of his family business with chosen brands.

The name Heldwein has been closely connected with the pulsing heart of Vienna ever since 1902. Nowadays, the former imperial and royal purveyor still produces “custom-made” precious valuables and spoils his audience with competence and personal service. Talent and a distinct spirit clearly have been a part of the Heldwein DNA for generations. Originally located on the Wiener Petersplatz, the jewelry studio has been rewarded with a constantly rising number of orders for more than 100 years. During times of war, when importing gold was
impossible, modifications as well as ­repairs were of particular importance and so Hans Heldwein, son of founder Anton Heldwein, moved the com­pany to larger premises at the beginning of the 1940s.
The address chosen was “Graben 13” where, ever since then, the shop’s individual creations have been developed and are still being manufactured in the company’s own workshop today. Ever since 1946, the Heldwein hallmark, resembling the trinity column on the Graben, adorns every individually manufactured piece of jewelry and acts as a quality certificate.

In the jewelry business, the term tradition is especially overtaxed. In ­order not to lose their original character, historical values should be handled with ­sensitivity. One has to nurture and maintain them without ignoring fresh perspectives and the changing of times. Anton and Barbara Heldwein ­managed this feat not just with the transformation of their shop in 2008, but also through the steady evolution of their goldsmith’s studio which has made the name Heldwein internationally famous. Tools, which over a hundred years ago were available in similar fashion, are being used here. This way classic processing techniques meet technologies of the third century, with the most modern working equipment and constantly new materials. The premise of the company: “We want to draw from tradition and create something new from it – maintain values and realize visions.” Anton Heldwein gladly uses his expertise as a goldsmith and gemmologist to service his customers. He sees his professionally founded and truthful advice as the “calling card” of his jewelry shop in the centre of Vienna.
“For me, true luxury depends on
the person – their personality, their whole being,” says Anton Heldwein, famous for his unique products, in particular his complex necklaces. “Manufacturing a necklace ­requires the full ability of a goldsmith. Ultimately it only looks excellent when it fits perfectly and emphasizes the beauty of the wearer.” Unique valuables of enduring value originate at the Heldwein studio, either creations inspired by the gems themselves or according to customer wishes.
The family Heldwein is also careful during the selection of their marketing partners. What isn’t manufactured in their own studio, is still of European origin. “Our customers appreciate good brands, traditional flair and our competence as a manufacturing company. Increasing importance is placed on highest quality,” Barbara Heldwein emphasizes. The Heldweins are particularly proud of their own jewelry line “1902”, which mirrors all these values. Named after the founding year, it is currently reminiscent to the tradition of the shop and the beauty of the goldsmith’s work.



Since 1943, the Heldwein family has been in possession of the house at Graben 13, which by now has become a cultural heritage. Inspired by classical Viennese architecture from the time around 1900 and with an eye for aesthetics, the entire shop underwent renovations back in 2008.