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Let’s have a Drink

Edition 2 / 22. August 2017

Roberto American Bar. At this spot, one is welcome for a good drink as well as nice conversation, all in a good mood until 4 in the morning.

According to legends the phrase “American Bar” stems from the wild West. The counter is basically a barrier “because frequently the cowboys and bandits smashed premises into bits and pieces,” says Roberto Pavlovic, who in this case is sitting in one of those boxes with me. “Others however tell, when they pour 4 cl instead of 2 cl.” The founder of Roberto American Bar serves his charm to the answers dosed just as well as his cocktails (old and new classics as well as his own creations like the Opernballcocktail 2017). Yes, he fully savoured the party times of the 1990s. At the time as a young student in “Echo”, which doesn’t exist anymore today.

More than 3 years ago the 41-year-old finally felt fully saturated as an employed barkeeper, when he mixed his last drink as barchef in the Loos-bar. Since January 2013 his “­Robertos” has transformed into an oasis for after-workers, neighbors, flirters, gossipers and night-flys. A fine, small, almost cosy relaxation kingdom of 46 square meters where nearly everyone is welcome: “However there are also some who come to release their frustration in the bar. I always invite those people to a drink at my expenses and listen to them if they want, but I don’t see any reason to disturb other customers.” Just like the quality of his product the karma of his guests has to fit also. “It is important that you serve a good story with a good drink.”


In 2013 Roberto Pavlovic, the former barchef of the legendary Loosbar, founded his own kingdom and named it after the best business card – his own name.

1010, Bauernmarkt 11–13, tel.: +43 (0)1 535 06 47, daily opened from 2 p.m. to 4 a.m.